The Band

Rustbone is an energetic, well-oiled and loud engine, which absolutely gets the music and the audience going. But the best engine only works when all components work perfectly itself and together - so here is a small introduction of the five musicians behind Rustbone:


Phill Bone

Phill has been passionate about music since his childhood. At the age of 14 he got his first acoustic guitar as well as a clarinet. During that time he was mainly dedicated to classical music and played saxophone and clarinet in the city band. But then he got so excited about overdrive and heavy riffs that his musical journey took a new direction.

He switched back and forth between different instruments until he finally discovered the microphone for himself. During his school years, he mainly sang cover songs.

At the age of about 24/25 he decided to move to Germany - music accompanied him on this journey and remained an integral part of his life.

About three years ago he joined the band "Rustbone" and since then he has been active as a lead singer and songwriter. This band allows him to live his passion for music to the fullest and turn creative ideas into songs.



As a striving musician since the mid 2010s Agni has tasted several peak moments with his previous bands. The Indonesian born six string slinger lets a lot of his musical interpretation do the talking. 

In 2022 he joined RUSTBONE to form a twin guitars assault. Inspired by the spirit of Washington-State alternative music scene, he is incited to take the band as one of the fiercest riff-manufacturing newcomer in Hamburg.

At times he takes the bass duty in “Arithma”, a project which introduces Indonesian New-Age-Folk music to foreign audience.


Rusty Mike

With his 49 years of life experience, Michael is not only the music and film encyclopedia of the band, but also one of the founding members of Rustbone. 

Back in the days he played in the school band as a bassist - and so his musical journey began. At the age of 13 there was an upgrade of two additional strings with the guitar he started playing. 

In the following years he kept on improving his guitar skills and first creative ideas of own riffs were made into songs. Since 2001 he also plays guitar in the HELMET cover band "Betty".



Kevin taught himself to play the drums in his youth with the help of an e-drumset. What he therefore lacks in technique, he makes up for with passion. As soon as he sits on his stool behind the drums, he sweeps the audience off their feet. 

A lot of energy and movement until exhaustion is what you get from watching him perfoming live. Like his idol Dave Grohl he wears the Foo Fighters tattoo on his neck and beats on the drumheads as if there was no tomorrow. 

Sticks break, cymbals shatter, but the music in him is unstoppable!


Mr. T

Well - better - bassist is quite a modest formulation for our man behind the mask.

 Spat out of the mosh pit caves of Munich, Mr. T has found a new musical home after moving to Northern Germany. He provides the necessary foundation for Rustbone with his four bass strings. 

Due to his 7 years of metal bass experience he still can't play music, but still is allowed to play in this band. 


The acoustic pleasure is one thing, but here is not only something for your ears, but also something for your eyes - so YOU can get an idea of how it could look like live on stage. 

02.09.2023 - FORCEDFEST Rahlstedt

09.09.23 - Steinaukultur-Festival Büchen

05.10.2023 - ROCKABEND Bar 227

01.11.2023 - ROCKABEND Astra Stube

15.12.2023 - Rock at Panoptikum

07.03.2024 - DonnerSTAGE Kiel

23.03.2024 - Lauschbar Itzehoe

06.04.2024 - Musiknacht im Panoptikum Itzehoe

20.04.2024 - Emergenza Logo Hamburg

09.05.2024 - Kuhltopia Müssen

18.05.2024 - Allegro Rahlstedt

Band - Fotoshooting

Rustbone lives from the live performance!

 Here is a little preview of what you can expect at the concerts! Always stay up to date and never miss a gig again? - Just follow, like and share everywhere!

Dark Clouds - Music Video

Jane - Live at AStA Campus

See you live...

... with lots of passion, sweat and energy - bring a towel, a refreshing drink and a handful of friends. You won't forget an evening with us! (Not meant sexually)



© Rustbone, 2024

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